Trust Services

Provide clinical responsibility for the entire patient pathway

Helping to improve the NHS patient waiting list times, and provide a GP referral solution for rapid diagnostic testing.

Commitment to continuously improve patient outcomes

Our service delivery model includes:

  • Gastroscopy
  • Colonoscopy
  • Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
  • ERCP
  • EUS
  • Bowel Cancer Screening

Working with Endocare

Quality assurance to ensure contract standards are met including:

Internal Audits

Robust clinical governance systems and procedures, continual learning loop

Staff Assessment & Supervision

Rigorous onboarding evaluation process and subsequent management against operational policy.

Management Systems

Operational policy, IT, finance, governance, analytics and performance improvement.

Continuity Plans

Comprehensive operational policy and resilience infrastructure.

Commissioner Satisfaction

Committed to establishing collaborative relationships to ensure delivery of activity.

Performance Expectations

Continually deliver excellent clinical and contractual performance.

KPI Delivery

Embedded process of data capture and performance reporting to maintain delivery.

Continuous Improvement

Regular review and reflection to inform improvement plans and development program.

Training Opportunities

Strong system infrastructure to manage all escalation

National & Trust Compliance

Alignment to frameworks and operational policy and practice.

On-going Endocare Support

Reputation, Credibility and Commitment

Our key operational objective is to ensure we provide you with assurance that your patients will experience the highest possible quality of care and diagnosis.


Substantive, accredited Consultants only providing the high level of quality outcomes we have become recognised for.


Strong patient satisfaction and performance delivery because of our clinical model.


Commitment to providing consistency with team members to generate a team bond within your organisation.

Case Study

Exceeded all contract particulars & schedules.

EndoCare clinicians have provided insourced endoscopy service solutions to the Pennine Acute Hospital NHS Trust sites since 2017 and more recently the Salford Care Organisation. We provide the additional capacity required to support over 1 million patients the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group serves.

Working weekdays and weekends our Gastroenterology and Colorectal Surgical teams have delivered high volume endoscopy activity which has allowed the Trust to dramatically reduce their local waiting times and aid their cancer and 6 week diagnostic constitutional standard performance.

There has been very positive feedback from the Trust which has enabled the ongoing relationship.

We continue to expand into other providers across Greater Manchester and Cheshire and Merseyside systems.

Our knowledge and experience has laid the foundation for our venture into becoming a successful independent community diagnostic centre service provider in 2021 which is a very exciting time for us as an organisation. Relationships are already established with the Joint Advisory Group for Gastroenterology and the Care Quality Commission as we embark upon our journey of development in providing a dedicated diagnostic service to our local populations.

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